{"url":"https:\/\/cellarandkitchen.adnams.co.uk\/catalog\/product\/half-bottle-sauvignonsemillon-late-harvest-grand-reserve-vina-ralco","title":"Half Bottle Sauvignon\/Semillon Late Harvest Grand Reserve, Vina Ralco","price":"6.99","currency_code":"GBP","provider_name":"Adnams","description":"Curic\u00f3 Valley was named after one of the Picunche tribes, the Curis, who settled along the rivers of the central valley flowing into the Mataquito River and this gives the name to this wine. Curic\u00f3 also translates into black waters in Chile\u0092s native Mapundungun. The dark water appearance of the Mataquito river is due to its depth, which in parts seems bottomless. The grapes for this rich dessert wine are hand harvested in several passes through the vineyard in early May. Fermented in stainless steel with 25% being matured in oak casks in order to add depth of flavour and mellow concentration. A classic pudding wine, remarkable value.","product_id":"half-bottle-sauvignonsemillon-late-harvest-grand-reserve-vina-ralco","quantity":"19"}