string(77) "controller=catalog&action=product&id=adnams-old-ale-mini-cask-twinpack-41-abv" {"url":"https:\/\/\/catalog\/product\/adnams-old-ale-mini-cask-twinpack-41-abv","title":"Adnams Old Ale Mini Cask Twin-Pack 4.1% abv","price":"30.00","currency_code":"GBP","provider_name":"Adnams","description":"These two mini casks between them contain ten litres of beer, which is about 17 and a half pints. Just perfect for parties or celebratory gatherings. This is a mild ale style beer brewed with East Anglian pale ale and Crystal malted barley and Boadicea hops. Dark brown in colour with an aroma of caramel and nutty chocolate. The toffee and chocolate also come through on the palate along with hints of red fruits, all balanced by a smooth bitterness. A traditional speciality winter warmer. Our mini-casks are filled with fresh beer and have a short shelf life of a minimum of two weeks. Please leave to settle for 24 hours after receipt . (Contains barley).","product_id":"adnams-old-ale-mini-cask-twinpack-41-abv","quantity":"0"}