string(80) "controller=catalog&action=product&id=adnams-sloe-storm-mini-cask-twinpack-40-abv" {"url":"https:\/\/\/catalog\/product\/adnams-sloe-storm-mini-cask-twinpack-40-abv","title":"Adnams Sloe Storm Mini Cask Twin-Pack, 4.0% abv","price":"30.00","currency_code":"GBP","provider_name":"Adnams","description":"These two mini casks between them contain ten litres of beer, which is about 17 and a half pints. Just perfect for parties or celebratory gatherings. This 4% winter ale has strong red fruit and jam notes, with caramelised sugar and hints of raisins and dates. Brewed with pale ale and double roasted crystal malts, Fuggles and Phoenix hops and, of course, Sloes! Great with duck and plum sauce, or traditional roast turkey. Contains Gluten (Barley)","product_id":"adnams-sloe-storm-mini-cask-twinpack-40-abv","quantity":"0"}