string(78) "controller=catalog&action=product&id=adnams-sole-star-09-abv-8-x-500ml-bottles" {"url":"https:\/\/\/catalog\/product\/adnams-sole-star-09-abv-8-x-500ml-bottles","title":"Adnams Sole Star, 0.9% abv, 8 x 500ml bottles","price":"9.99","currency_code":"GBP","provider_name":"Adnams","description":"New recipe for 2017! Adnams Sole Star is now just 0.9% abv! We've achieved this by brewing our beer using malts that are relatively low in starch, by using less yeast and by fermenting at a cool temperature. The result is a delicous, light amber ale with gentle floral \/ citrus aromas and caramel notes with good bitterness. Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, carbon dioxide. Contains gluten.","product_id":"adnams-sole-star-09-abv-8-x-500ml-bottles","quantity":"288"}